Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer is Coming!

Life is going pretty good, Brian's new job is going well and I am finding a couple hours a week to work on creative things- like these tie bibs. Cute, eh? I love Titus in them! I did make some to sell, but I kept some for him too and mailed one to my nephew. Little boys in ties are just cute!
I found some amino acids at the health food store and have been taking them through my "emotional" time in my cycle and it really helps, I'm fairly normal, so what a huge blessing!
We got our garden planted a couple days ago and then yesterday I was at a clients birth. The boys just have a few more days of school and I am so looking forward to an easier schedule!! I've been keeping up with the house pretty well, still going through and getting rid of stuff. Had a garage sale with some friends last weekend and got rid of more as well as making $60 (which is a fair amount considering I didn't take that much to the sale!).
It's been nice to get out during the day after all the snow we had this winter. Titus is enjoying the outdoors and wants to be out there all day... so I might get some reading done this summer too just sitting out there with them.


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