Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I've been up to...

So... I have avoided this blog. I quit my bedroom challenge. I beat myself up for it and felt guilty and I just quit. My emotions have been up and down, the desk looks bad again- though, only 1/2 as bad as it was before I did the desk challenge. I was depressed alot in the last 2 months, and I'm not exactly sure why. So I went out and chopped my hair off.
That's right- that's what I do. When all else fail, chop the hair off. :-)

I have been working diligently on the kitchen. I have kept the dishes done, mostly and the counters clean. If I don't I start feeling down again and beat myself up about it. I am my own worst enemy.
I finished reading Real Food: What to Eat and Why which was absolutely wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. But now I am clueless as to what to feed my family! I will get there- we've changed some things, and left overs the same. I will change eventually, but in my perfectionist disposition, I want to have everything done and figured out now.
So, several times throughout the day, I find myself sighing and trying to justify to myself why everything I want hasn't just happened.


Trish said...

I was wondering where you went.
Depression is a beast. The worst.
Your hair looks great! Fun and sassy!
I've been known to chop my hair off as a cure for depression too.
And sometimes I chop it off just because. Like I did yesterday. LOL
Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out.

Cara said...

It's the lack of sun! Oh my goodness, I've been more productive this week than all winter! And I think your room looks fine? You're in a small space... it's hard to keep on top of everything when there isn't necessarily a place for everything. And your floor always looks nice too :)

Suzanne & Duncan Forbes said...

Sorry you were feeling down and I didn't say anything. For some reason, I have felt like I've been running around w/ my head cut off lately - could be that we have 3 couples we're meeting with for premarital and I've been working 2-3 jobs.... hmmm.


Rachel said...

Thanks Trish! I do like my hair short, always helps when you feel good about yourself. :-)

Lack of sun could be a big part of it Cara- Our 89 consecutive days of snow on the ground...

And Suz- really, it's fine. I have your number too. ;-)


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