Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Upcycled, Repurposed, Whatever- it's fun

I think sewing is a coping mechanism of sorts... The boys room is all torn up right now, we took down the lowered ceiling (we have awesome high ceilings that someone lowered at some point in time), patched, painted, etc. and are building bunk beds. But right now all the boys stuff is in the livingroom and on the front porch. It really bothers me- there are no clear empty spaces right now. But today I have sewn 1 night grown, made 1 t-shirt for Naomi (oh, I forgot to take pics of it), sewn a pair of pants for Titus and a pair of shorts plus have 2 other nightgowns almost sewn. So I can see what I got accomplished today and it makes me feel good.
The other night I was making my bed and my mom had given me a bunch of sheet sets, I pulled on out and there was a ratty old sheet that was sewn together and had holes in it- my mom probably would have tossed it, but I don't think she even looked in the bags before she gave them to me. So I decided I would try out Naomi's new nightgown pattern. The last one I made her was pretty big, but this one came out great and it was so cute (especially since I had to add that patch) that I decided to cut out 2 more from the old sheet and even got a pair of PJ pants for Titus and a pair of shorts. What fun! All free!!
I did some fish appliqué on Titus' PJ's along with "mr. titus", made them look less like scrubs. I had alot of fun doing it.

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