Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer is Here

Brian has been working longer hours, which means I have alot more time to be bored. But I've been putting that time to good use. I am proud of myself. Oh, I have alot more to go, but it's going better. I've been reading Flylady's messages again (I get them on my email and also on Facebook). And I've been doing what she says. Not with everything- I know I can't start everything at once, I have to do a little at a time. I've been working on keeping the sink shiny... I have been fairly good at keeping the dishes done, they don't pile up. But at the end of the day there might still be a cup and plate in the sink. So I've been trying to even wash the last couple before bed and buff the sink. It is nice to wake up to.
I think my sewing projects have helped lift my blue mood from a few month ago. It does help to see things get finished.
I'm planning to have a yard sale next week, we've been working on building the boys some bunk beds, so I have a bed frame and mattress that needs to go. I also got a new cabinet at an antique store down the road, we got a small TV to fit in it (and it is small- not the smallest, but 2nd to smallest we could find. :-) I love it- I can hide the TV!! And the cabinet is narrow as well, so it doesn't take up much space in our living room. So I have a big old entertainment center and TV to get rid of as well.
Some friends got married last week and need a couch, so they are taking our big couch and chair. I have a metal frame and am planning to build a couch, with storage. Because, sadly, World Market no longer has the storage futon that I had wanted. But it's ok, because building it ourselves, I can make it have more storage than the futon would have.

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