Thursday, January 21, 2010

40 Day Challenge: Bedroom, Day 7

So, a week into the challenge. Not quite- I skipped a couple days and I feel horrible about it. This is what the whole house looks like and I'm so tired of it. I know we need better storage- we need alot of the stuff that is around, other wise I would toss it. We don't have cupboard and stuff can't be hidden away. The dining room looks awful and I see it all the time and the kitchen is so hard to keep on top of and Titus is sick and wakes up when I do the dishes in the morning, but he's been napping in the morning because he doesn't feel good. I'm depressed about the house. Though, I have read a book- which was a great accomplishment for me. I had to make myself sit down while Titus was napping. Naomi happily played near me in the livingroom while I read, it was really nice.
The desk is starting to pile up again... so I have a cycle. I don't clean something, feel lousy about it so I don't clean whatever I'm supposed to clean and then I feel lousy about that... I know this, so the last couple days I have straightened the livingroom and diningroom each morning and I feel better, but by evening it's messy. I know it's part of having kids and I know it helps when the boys chip in and get their chores done. It's times like these I really just want to bull doze the house down.
Flylady calls the way I'm feeling a crash and burn- you wait until you can't stand it and then you go crazy cleaning and then you don't feel like cleaning it for a month- by which time it's driving you crazy again. Ugh.
I'm going to get off the computer and clean something.

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