Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Repurposed Sheets... Boxers!

I have been looking at garage sales for fabric and I have found alot of old sheets, they normally aren't marked very high and some funky patterns. So, here's my latest: Boxers. All the boys needed new boxers. They sleep in them, not fans of pajamas, and they did request that I not add the fly, so I just folded that part of the pattern in and sewed them up really easily.
I love the polka-dot fabric. And I think sheet fabric is really comfortable. I was even able to get some PJ pants and shorts made for little Titus. 1 sheet has alot of fabric in it!

My mom is the queen of patterns. :-) So I just barrowed a boxer pattern from her. It had all the sizes one could wish for from size 6 boys to Men's XL, all seperate, so I didn't have to trace anything! Yay for me!

Jesse loves the color orange, (can you believe someone had something that bright on their bed, do you think they were even able to sleep??) and I found an orange sheet. I made him a couple boxers and added a little mushroom to one of them so he could tell somewhat of a difference. I picked a mushroom because I catch him drawing mushrooms alot.

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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Cute! I've been meaning to make some for my boys.



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