Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Bedroom Floor

The other week I decided to tear out the carpet in the master bedroom. We found this really cool old linoleum. Our house was built in 1882, so I was really curious how old it was. It's 9'x12' and tacked down. I was able to get ahold of someone from Second Hand Rose, who believed it was from the 1950s. There isn't really a market for used linoleum, so sadly, no big chunk of $$. Brian is not exactly excited about having a circus on our floor. So I covered it back up, and in 10 years when we finally have our attic finished, we can put it up there. :-)

There are 6 repeating scenes- so here they are:


writemeg said...

I think that floor is really cool! Definitely unique, and adds a lot of personality :) I'm sure it'll be awesome wherever it finally has a home!

Sande said...

Some kid really really loved their floor decades ago I'm sure

MommyW said...

Wow, that's amazing - I don't think I could look at it all the time though; good choice in covering it back up.

I'm coming over for breakfast - the most convoluted thing my kids get for breakfast is frozen, home-made ahead of time, waffles.

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