Saturday, September 19, 2009

Warning- Gross out factor ahead

Ok, so depending on how light of a stomach you have, you might not want to look at the 3rd picture down.

After the toilet overflowed in the house we had to call in a plumber to snake the sewage line. We have a root problem. We don't have access to the line on the outside of the house, the time before we had it down it cost close to $700. Not something I wanted to repeat. So we had to dig outside the house and get the pipe exposed so they could put an outside cleanout on. I dug all day long. The palms of my hands were bruised and blistered.

Thankfully Brian's bosses let him go early so he finished the digging/supervising the plumber. We started digging under the smaller pipe and it had a huge crack in it and "liquid" started oozing out. Oh it smelled bad. I think it was finally fished about 6 pm that night. There was so many roots in the line I can't believe anything got through it!

This is a 6" pipe- I think that "space" is about 2". The roots were packed so tight they were actually dry.

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