Friday, October 30, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 13

Right now it doesn't seem like 40 days is enough time to make cleaning a habit. I think the house will be better, but I don't know how much better!

The house is pretty by 3 PM, then the boys get home and as you can see, Stephen got 1/2 the laundry folded by the time for bed and I had to pick a friend up from the airport and then hit Walmart, Brian was at ITS (Institute of Theological Studies) and then he was going hunting the next day, so we met at walmart- him to get some hunting supplies and me to get a couple groceries. As he was leaving Walmart, a guy asked him for a ride to the other side of town, so me being the person that I am, followed him to make sure he was safe. We got home around 10:30 PM, I think, he packed and I did dishes, packed up the cookies I made Luke for the last day of Spanish class, stuck the rest of the dough in the fridge, made Brian a lunch and filled up a bunch of water bottles for him. I set out the pumpkin "pie" (without a crust) I had made for breakfast and some dishes, so Brian could just help himself when he got up at 4 AM. Yeah, I kind of slacked there as a wife, didn't I? LOL

We got into bed at 11:40 PM, laundry still unfinished and dishes not all done. Titus was up 45 minutes later, Brian's alarm went off at 4 AM, Titus went off at 5:20 AM. I got back to sleep for 30 minutes, but I think I should try to take a nap later.

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