Saturday, October 24, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 7

I can't believe it's been a week already!! The living room is fairly picked up. Would really like to get rid of any clutter still. Have an extra computer sitting by the wood stove that needs to be taken downstairs and I'm not sure what to do with Naomi's tunnel.

My friend Kristy (bless her!) took Naomi out to lunch with her and shopping all afternoon. A nap was tempting- a couple hours uninterrupted sleep... but instead I worked on the kitchen. It looks much better than yesterday. Just in time for Kristy and I to make a bunch of pizzas to freeze and mess it all up again! :-)
I enjoy having Naomi work with me, but sometimes when I have a pile up it's overwhelming to have her there "washing dishes" (putting clean ones back in the dirty water and vise versa).
I do feel much better when I have a clean kitchen to work in. I also keep it cleaner if it is cleaner.


Sande said...

Hey Rachel, Been away for a week so just coming in on day seven. I'm with you on the clutter; especially as my family has grown. We have really gone minimalist.

What a great idea to post for accountability. Your day one is very different from day 7. Well done.

Rachel said...

Thanks Sande-

I would love to get down to being a minimalist, but some how, even though I have gotten rid of tons of stuff, the house is still cluttered! So I'll continue to get rid of things.


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