Monday, October 26, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 9

Sundays are always hard for me. We leave the house at 9 AM, get home at 1 PM, leave again at 5:30 PM and get home around 8 PM. Only today we (Brian and I) went to visit some friends after 8 PM and got home around 10:30 PM. So there were dishes that didn't get washed and at 10:30 at night, I didn't feel like picking up the livingroom. Felt a little guilty because Facebook was still up on the computer before I turned it off and my friend Kristin, with 2 little ones under the age of 2 say shes "cleaning because she gets a burst of energy this time of night". I told her I get more of a burst of sleep desire.
So Monday mornings I always wake up to a really messy house. It would be nice to change that...


Rebekah said...

You sound so much like me, Rach! I too have a burst of sleep desire any time after about 5pm. :) I'm SOO glad I found your blog(s) so I can keep up with you again! Even the food blog! I missed your OLD webpage with you recipes (taco soup, etc.) on it. I added them (with credit to you of course!) to my kitchen/recipe page like, 10 years ago! They're still there! Now you have more recipes I can try!
Good to 'see' you again, dear friend,

Rachel said...

It has been nice being able to keep up with you too. I know you've been good about keeping up with your websites all these years... :-)


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