Thursday, October 22, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 5

Not the best start to the day: Fixing breakfast Naomi dropped her green juice and when it dropped it launched the juice all over the kitchen- me, the fridge, the floor, the cupboards, the buckets. It was alot of green. As I bend down to wipe it up, I smelled something- Naomi had a poopy diaper. Naomi is potty trained, but still wears diapers at night. So she must have pooped in her sleep. Ugg. I got the juice cleaned up and stuck her in the bath. Then I went to change Titus out of his sleeper- oh, nice, he's poopy too. But it didn't stop there- yesterday I changed 5 of Titus' poopy diapers.
So I finally get to eat some breakfast and then all I hear is "Nomee wants you. Sit a 'touch. Read a book Mama. Titus eating something. Up, up, up." And Titus was eating something. It's been muddy lately- even when I vacuum he still finds stuff. Yesterday I dug mud out of his mouth at least 3 times. I'm looking forward to him walking- maybe he won't eat so much if he doesn't notice it. Titus normally naps from 7 AM-9 AM. He didn't today. I needed to go to Costco, too bad it didn't open at 8 AM. Brian forgot his lunch and was going to take only a 30 minute lunch so he could get off work early and we could go to the pumpkin patch. I said I would take it to him, thinking I would make it to Costco. Titus finally went to bed at 9:30 AM which means he would sleep till noon... not going to make it to Brian's work in time for his lunch. Thankfully, Brian said he would just come home. I turned on the dreaded TV (I dread it) I just wanted some time without someone touching me- I felt I had given enough already! I think I sat and played Bejeweled for 30 minutes. I felt better so I started to work in the kitchen- chopping more apples, made a batch of apple sauce and then got apple butter going. Naomi wandered in and started "cooking" too. At least I had gotten enough alone time I was enjoying her.
After lunch Titus was up for a couple hours and I put them both down- Naomi does a "quiet time" on my bed with books and toys (1 1/2 hours) and TItus needed a nap. After about 20 minutes I started working in the kitchen and must have woken him up- he didn't sleep anymore. At least I got dinner going and chopped up enough apples for another batch of applesauce.
I did a bunch of dishes, cleaned the living room and table. We finally made it out the door about 4:20pm to pick up Brian and head to the pumpkin patch. We got home just before 6 PM and it's a church night- Bible Study, Youth Group and AWANA. We ate and made it to church late. It was just Stephen and I that went, Jesse and Luke had homework to catch up on and Brian keeps the little ones home so they can go to bed on time (7 PM). When we got home I did more dishes and straighten up. It's been good to have more incentive to keep things picked up.

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Suzanne & Duncan Forbes said...

Ugg. Sorry it was such a 'rough' day. It is good to have motivation/deadlines though! You're doing great :;-)


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