Wednesday, November 4, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 18

We had a meeting in the evening and got home later... I wasn't feeling like cleaning at all. Laundry was left out all over the living room (any ideas on how to teach diligence?? what could have taken 10-15 minutes didn't even get done in 2 hours...) and the kitchen was still a mess from dinner. Some of the dishes had been done, but there was still about 1/2 of them left to do.
I dinked around on the computer for a while until I decided that I really wanted to go to bed. I love going to bed early. 10:30 PM would be nice... so I started working. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted it beautiful tonight. I worked and worked and finally got done about midnight. So much for going to bed early. But the dishes were all done, dried and put away, all the counters got cleaned, the table was clear and set for breakfast, the living room was clean- laundry folded and put away.
I was satisfied.

I set out a bowl and whisk for scrambled eggs in the morning, along with oil and a frying pan on the stove. It does make the morning go smoother.

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