Friday, November 6, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 20

Half way! Not looking so great. After the concert I went home and now on it's "my time of the month", so I feel crumby, emotional, tired, not much energy and have been busier than a 1 legged man in a butt-kickin' contest. (As my friend Jenni would say!) So my camera batteries were going dead and I couldn't flip the view finder out like normal or it would shut off, so I held the camera up and got this lousy picture. TA-DAH!

My lovely husband decided to play Vanna- so his hand is gracefully displaying the dishes that could have been put away and the pumpkin that is still sitting on the counter, cooked.
No, I'm not happy with how the house looks right now or what I have to wake up to in the morning and all the things that need to be done that day. Like make cinnabon cinnamon rolls for our Road Rally... after the kitchen is cleaned because in the state it is I have no desire to attempt making anything in it.

Good grief! No one would suspect my emotional state now, would they?!


eastkentuckygal said...

Wow! I wish I could keep my house up. My hubby said the other day that we haven't had a "tidy" house in 10 years and I should quit beating myself up over it, especially now that we have little ones in the mix. I can't help it though. I dream of a tidy home. I'm trying really hard. You are doing really good.

Rachel said...

Thanks!! You're my inspiration, you know. ;-) Have you tried I did it for a couple years and it did make a huge difference. Then got out of habit... but I dream of a tidy house too. I really need to do what she says, I know it works...


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