Saturday, November 7, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 21

I have 2 busy days in a year- days when I am crazy busy. Road Rally in the fall and then our Valentine Banquet (here is last year's). This time, a couple gals from church did most of the work. They made an awesome potato soup, meat balls and cheese bread. I made 3 batches of "cinnabon" cinnamon rolls. The first batch I made I forgot the salt. I hate bread when the salt is left out/forgotten. So I sprinkled in some salt before I put the sugar mixture on, haven't tasted them yet to see if they're ok, but then made 2 other batches for the Road Rally.
I started dinner and left the house about 4 PM, set the clues out with my friend Kristin, came home just before 6 PM, threw dinner together, made frosting for the rolls, stuck them in the van, nursed Titus, babysitter got here and we took off. Everyone had a great time and we made it home at 11 PM. I didn't bother washing the dishes that covered every surface of the kitchen and table. Nor did I pick up in the living room. I took a shower and went to bed.

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