Saturday, November 28, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Desk, Day 1

Well, here we go again! The beginning of another 40 days!!
The desk has always been my catch all, yet it looks so pretty when it's cleaned off. I had big plans to keep it spotless and simple when we first got it.
It would probably look nicer if we only had 1 computer on it, but we have the MAC, which is our photo editing computer and then we have the PC, which is the gaming computer. We have 3 computers in the living room. I don't really like to look at them all the time, but we use them all the time and it is better accountability if they are out and everyone sees what is being done on it. Kids are constantly bombarded with temptation to view/read things that are inappropriate, I have no desire to have my kids struggle at home too. So we leave the computers out in our living space.


Trish said...

Hi Rachel! I tracked you back here from your comment on my blog.
Looks like we have a lot in common besides a liking for Dave Ramsey. Big families and a desire to simplify our homes are two other themes I've picked up on already!
LOVE this 40 day idea.
My advice on the computer armoire is not to get one. I just got rid of ours because it had too many horizontal shelves to pile stuff on. ugh!

Rachel said...

Thanks Trish! I did notice you were decluttering. :-) Thanks for the tip on the armoire, I can see that being an issue.


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