Wednesday, November 25, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Day 39

Almost done! One more day! I have alot of cleaning/organizing to do today, Thanksgiving is going to be at our house now. We were going up to my parents (1 1/2 hours away) and hunt all weekend. But now my dad is here in town and in the hospital, they aren't sure yet what the problem is, they think it's either a viral or bacterial infection in his large intestine. My mom is bringing the 5 kids (that live at home still) down and they will stay until my dad is out of the hospital. So we will have Thanksgiving here. We went shopping last night for a few extra groceries. I need to bake a few pies today and figure out a plan for dinner tonight, breakfast, lunch and Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Yesterday since my mom was around, she left my dad to nap and we went out to lunch. It was really nice, it happens maybe once a year. But then 1/2 way done with our meal and Stephen called. Naomi had an accident and pooped her pants. 10 minutes later he called again. The toilet overflowed, Titus kept trying to crawl into the bathroom. *Sigh*
It wasn't too bad when I got home, I had told them to shut the bathroom door and I would take care of it. There was water in the basement again, thankfully we had already torn stuff out, so it didn't hurt anything. Just a few too many flush-able wipes down the toilet. But it's all good now.

What's that saying about the "best laid plans"?

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