Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 in 2010

In 2008 I did this for the first time. You can read about it here.
Sadly, I didn't keep track of all the stuff when I cleaned out the basement, or I would have had the 2009 in 2009 chart filled out. I know I got rid of that much stuff.
Stephen loves numbers and so he will count stuff as he sees me taking it out the door and he'll mark it down. But the boys were visiting family for a couple weeks when I was working on the basement, or he would have done it for me. I was just in too much of a 'get it done' mode, I forgot about counting/charting.

The other day, Brian came home from work with this:

That's right. I guess he likes the way the house is looking and wants to get rid of more stuff!!! :-)
Here is the chart if you would like to download and use it for yourself.

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