Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Rid of... 16

We pulled out some of the Christmas decor, not the tree stuff yet, but all the other things that we have around the house. I really like nativity sets, I have 2 and would like 1 or 2 more. There is one at Costco that is absolutely beautiful, it's quite large. I just figure, if I'm going to have Christmas decorations, they should remind us what what Christmas is all about! It's so humbling to think of our great Savior, mighty, glorious, amazing... down here on earth, born in a place where animals are normally born, as a helpless baby, pooping and peeing all over himself, just to show us how much He loves us.

So, here's a box of decorations that I have just kept, oh, because people have given them to me. I had thought they had put alot of thought into it, but was visiting another friend and she had a very similar decoration... from the same person. I realized then, that it was just a general gift, the giver must have found a bargain and stocked up for "all those people she had to give gifts to". I didn't look at those decorations so fondly afterwards.

RIght before pulling out the decorations my friend Suzanne had sent me this article: Friends Don't Give Friends Clutter for Christmas. How fitting!
So... I stuck them all in the give away box, asked the boys to look at them and make sure they were ok with giving them away. (Something about Christmas memories and decorations... I don't know!)
So, they were just fine with getting rid of those- out they go!!

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