Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting Rid of... 27

I was inspired to keep going-- so I attacked it again! I went all the way this time. I stuck Brian's scouting papers in his bedside table. Guess I'll have to ask him to sort that pretty soon, it's getting pretty full.

That crock is our "candy bucket". We don't eat alot of candy. I don't allow alot of candy. So then the boys get a "candy day" once a month. They'll watch a movie and get to eat as much of their candy as they want while the movie is playing. Once the movie is over I pick out any thing that is good if I want to and then throw the rest in the trash and they start over. Sadly, it fills up fast! They get candy from all over. I can't believe how much candy people just give to kids randomly!

I cheated in one area... that box. I put it in the pile of other boxes in the corner of the bedroom. It's one of those misc. boxes that has little bits of everything in it and I don't know where to put any of it!

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