Thursday, December 10, 2009

When I Cleaned Out the Basement

Back in August our toilet overflowed and it leaked down into the basement. On top of this:

Actually, it was worse that this picture. But the water only went on one quarter of this mess and thankfully it was mostly clothes and blankets that I was able to wash, only a few things needed to be thrown away. So I was forced into cleaning the basement. I had been wanting to get rid of a bunch of stuff for a long time, we are planning to remodel that (you know, after the kitchen is done) and I didn't want to have to "store" all of that junk. So some friends came over that are excellent at purging and gave me a hand. It's so great to have someone there that is not attached to your stuff and they can say things like this:

Them: "Really, you need to keep this broken tea cup you never use?"
Me: "Yes, but my mom gave it to me."
Them: "Hasn't your mom given you other things you like/use?"
Me: "ok- get rid of it."

Kristy and Laura- they are the engines behind this. :-) Kristy happened to be having a church garage sale where the profits were going to a Ukraine medical mission trip that our church does every year. So I gave her a ton of stuff. I kept a few boxes, sewing and scrapbooking supplies, winter coats/clothes to grow into, Christmas stuff and a couple trunks/cedar chest that I can't part with. I was able to fit all that underneath the stairs. It's about an 8' x 5' area. And the pile of stuff doesn't even go to the ceiling- I can see over the top of it!
I was able to get rid of so much stuff and I didn't count it- which is too bad, because I would have filled my 2009 in 2009 chart. *sigh*.

Here's some pictures of the carpet that was down there.


Trish said...

Oy! That happened to us once. The toilet on the top floor of our house overflowed and ran down 3 of the 4 levels of our house while I had the whole family at the dentist for several hours.
Fresh water so there was no ick factor.
Unfortunately it didn't ruin anything that was easy to wash or throw out. It ruined things like carpet and sheet rock. Especially the ceiling of the 3rd level. The water pooled up in the ceiling and we had to punch holes ot let it out.
ack! Sometimes indoor plumbing seems risky, huh? LOL
Great job with the purging. I think that I am your friends and my husband is you. I'm always asking him, "Really?!?! You want to keep this?"

Rachel said...

Yeah, I guess it's a good thing we have an old house with holes in the floor around the pipes, eh? Getting in the sheet rock sounds awful! It made me wonder about putting a bedroom/bathroom down there and think about what would happen if it overflowed when the basement is finished.


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