Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Out go the VHS

Yesterday I mentioned I was thinking of getting rid of our VCR and VHS. I talked with Brian about it and he was fine with it. We decided that as time goes on we would like to buy a few of the movies in DVD (or whatever looks like it will stick around in a few years) but overall, we don't need 60 movies. We watch maybe 5 a year...

The boys are on board with minimilizing (which doesn't seem to be a word, to my computer)/simplifying. They weren't really wanting to get rid of them, but after I said "Dad said it was fine", they didn't argue. Stephen decided to count them and mark them on my "2009 in 2009" chart. I know I'm way over after the basement and I haven't bothered counting up things I'm getting rid of. I did "2008 in 2008". I can't believe that even after getting rid of over 4000 things we still have a TON OF STUFF!

They did decide to get rid of their huge K'nex collection. Which I am so thankful. They like a clean room, it's just hard to keep it that way, so we just need to get rid of more stuff. I hope I am able to get rid of enough and enjoy what we do keep that the kids won't be cursed with the "you have to keep it, it belonged to your grandmother" mentality. If we don't need it/use it/love it- by all means let's bless someone else with it!!


Suzanne & Duncan Forbes said...

You're right - it's 'minimizing' ;-)

Rachel said...

:-P I'm "minimal-izing" though. :-) I think I should make it a word. lol

Cara said...

I'm finally figuring out that I don't need to keep something that I don't like or use just because someone gave it to me. It's very freeing!


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