Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Rid of 20

When Brian and I got married I was following Flylady. She is great and I love her advice. She is spot on with everything. Talking about how the reason our houses aren't clean because we are such perfectionists. That's right, perfectionists! We know if we go in there it won't be perfect. We have maybe 5 minutes and that's not going to accomplish what we want, so we just give up before beginning and don't bother doing anything.

I don't know how I got out of the habits I had with her system. We moved, I got pregnant, I stopped. I shouldn't have.

Anyway, one of the things she has you do is get rid of 27 things each day and work on one area at a time. So I decided I would do something like that. Today I picked a corner of our bedroom and I got rid of 20 things. It actually made a big difference, didn't it?!
I didn't throw them all away, some I put where it belongs, some I put in the give away box and some I did just throw in the trash.

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