Wednesday, December 23, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Desk, Day 26

YAY for a clean desk. (Ignore the paper and lid on the floor!) I have to say this has just been really nice. It was such an eye sore before! I do find alot of stuff piles on it throughout the day though still. Stuff piles everywhere throughout the day. I need to change that. I know Flylady does "Put out a Hot Spot" or something like that, where you take 5 minutes a couple times a day to just attack a "hot spot". What do you guys do? Do you have a routine, do you out of habit just put it where it belongs?

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Suzanne & Duncan Forbes said...

I try to have a spot for each thing that might clutter my counter - but it's the things I need to follow up on that end up having out there. Ugg. Some of them get clipped to the calendar - others get put in the desk organizer I have on the counter.

I've been thinking about getting a magazine/wall holder to mount on the side of the cupboard so I can have a bin for different things downstairs.


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