Thursday, December 10, 2009

40 Day Challenge: Desk, Day 13

I am so stickin' pleased with how the desk is looking! I guess I could get to that pile on top of the computer there underneath the desk. That's where I keep the phone book. The desk drawer is full of pens, pencils, cords for cameras, stamps and envelopes. I'll just get rid of the other books and only keep 1 phone book. Sometimes it's helpful... like when the electricity is off and we need to look something up... hm. There have been times in the last couple months I've needed the phone book, though most of the time I do look it up online. What do you guys do?


Trish said...

There's always 411 in the rare case that the power is out.
I'd toss them.
Having said that, I do keep one phone book. I throw the old one out as soon as the new one arrives. But I live in a large city so all the numbers I need are in one phone book.
My in laws live in a small town in West Virginia and there are separate books for each surrounding town and they do business in all those little towns. ugh!
So, what's your situation? Would one book hold all the numbers you needed?

Rachel said...

Very true! We have cell phones, so I think there is a google 411 that is free. I need to find out what it is. We only need 1 phone book- though we do have our church directory, but it's much smaller so could probably fit in a drawer.

Suzanne & Duncan Forbes said...

We keep one phone book. I use google 411 if needed.


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